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We can help you to study anywhere
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We are here to help you learn

Do you dream of attending a university? Wahaj International Education Consultants in Manchester can assist you.

Supporting you to build a brighter future

Wahaj International Education Consultants can connect students with universities.

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Our mission

Wahaj International Education Consultants (WIEC) aims to build a stronger and brighter world by championing the future of our society: the students. Our mission is to support students and provide them with platforms for community development, intellectual discourse, and to help them develop employability.

Our commitment

Our commitment to our cause and our leading team of professionals has made us one of the most prominent education advisory and consultancy services in the United Kingdom. With our professionally trained team, we have successfully built our rapport in the UK education market and established strong relationships with leading universities.

No compromise on quality

We are proud to say that we never compromise on the future of our students and only work with top universities and colleges, maintaining high success rate in visa application and admission.

Contact Wahaj International Education Consultants about our services today.

Taking care of everyone

We know how daunting it can be for students, particularly international ones, to decide on which countries and institutes to apply for.

This is why at WIEC, it is our priority to make the entire process easier for students and offer them comprehensive options to the UK and other top universities across the globe, including but not limited to Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Malaysia, Netherlands, Ireland, China, Singapore, and India.

Contact Wahaj International Education Consultants for help and advice.

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Top-tiered network

Our strong and close affiliations with senior authority figures in embassies, education offices, private and government universities and school heads all over the world allow us to offer our students a wider range of services. It is our honour to work with these trusted and market-leading affiliations and provide a broad spectrum of opportunities to students all over the world so they have the chance to pick the high-ranking university of their choice.

Contact Wahaj International Education Consultants to discuss your options.

Contact us and let's see how we can help you

Choose Wahaj International Education Consultants, and we'll advise and help you.

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