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International student education services

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You can benefit from top quality consultancy

We offer top-tier services to our students to guarantee a brighter future for them. This is why we have established strong affiliations with prestigious institutes in different parts of the world to help students transition seamlessly into their academic life. ​

Contact Wahaj International Education Consultants to find out more about us and how we can help you.

A firm foundation

At Wahaj International Education Consultants (WIEC), we have built a strong team of leading market professionals, consultants, and advisors committed to offering top quality services to the students looking to study in UK or other countries. We cater to students all over the world, across all age groups, whether they are looking for an English language course or a Ph.D. programme.

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Wide range of services

With our extensive network of partners and alliances, we can offer our clients a wide spectrum of services. Our clients can consider their options and choose the opportunity that best meets their needs.

We take care of both students and institutions to maintain the quality of services and the overall experience of our clients. 

For our students

  • Free services for students

  • Education counselling for interns and students

  • International students of all age groups and from all educational backgrounds can reach us. At present, we are considering students from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman

Contact Wahaj International Education Consultants for more details about us.

For our institutes

We offer institutes across all education sectors in the UK service options.

Institutes can choose the best possible service options that suit their individual criteria and that helps them position their brand to the best advantage, in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive and inclusive.

Why choose us?

At Wahaj International Education Consultants (WIEC), we cater to all budgets and offer a bespoke service.

We are specialists and our Managing Director is Atif Mohammed Gallabi who speaks fluent English, Arabic and Dutch. He has worked extensively in this field for a number of years. His dream was to set up a British company that would help find international students for the UK educational market.


WIEC builds on the international work of Regenesis Squared, which taught international students for a number of years, including IELTS.

Atif Mohammed works closely with personnel who speak a myriad of modern languages including French, Spanish and Italian, in order to help bridge the various countries and the UK.

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Our consultancy is involved with:

  • Universities

  • Art and design schools

  • Beauty schools

  • Boarding schools

  • Colleges

  • Educational supplies

  • Further education

  • Grammar schools

  • Higher education

  • Holiday clubs

  • International schools

  • Independent boarding schools

  • Independent schools and colleges

Contact Wahaj International Education Consultants to discuss our services.

Contact Us

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